Adira and Zac

Alexis and Matt

Alexis and Tyler W.W.

Alexis and Tyler W.W.

Alisha and Nate W.W.

Alissa and Eugene

Alyson and Benjamin

Amanda and Michael W.W.

Amanda and Shawn

Anamaria and Tim W.W.

Anna and Zachary (Shores)

Areli and Josh W.W.

Becca and Kyle

Brittany and Alec (Shores)

Brittany and Chris W.W.

Carissa and John W.W.

Carley and Jeff

Christine and Glenn

Danielle and Shaun (Shores)

Danielle and Tim W.W.

Deanna and Dave

Denise and Norman W.W.

Emily and Justin (IL State Beach)

Emily and Mike W.W.

Emily and Zach (Shores)

Erin and Nathan

Felicia and Matt

Gina and Bill W.W.

Janina and Anibal W.W.

Jessica and Mike W.W.

Jessica and Nathan W.W.

Kara and Steven W.W.

Katelin and Nick W.W.

Kayleen and Josh W.W.

Kelly and Chad W.W.

Kelly and Stantcho W.W.

Kristin and Michael W.W.

Lauren and Matt (Concord)

Lauren and Matt (Concord)

Lorena and Carlos W.W.

Markie and Kevin (Shores)

McKenzie and Tom W.W.

Michelle and Stephen W.W.

Miranda and Josh W.W.

Nicole and Chris W.W.

Rae Ann and Nick

Rikki and Nick

Sam and Sean W.W.

Samantha and Chad (31 North)

Samantha and Kyle W.W.

Samm and Brett W.W.

Sarah and Adeshina (D'Andreas)

Sarah and Andrew (Shores)

Stacey and Travis W.W.

Stefani and Bennett (Johnsburg)

Susan and Sundance W.W.

Tianna and Nick (Shores)

Tiffany and Justin W.W.

Tracy and Tristan W.W.

Tricia and Matt W.W.

Victoria and Aric