Alexa and David (Shores)

Amber and Nick (The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms)

Amber and Ross (Shores)

Ann and Mike (Tin Can Road House)

Anna and John (Shores)

Anna and Paul

April and Brian (Shores)

Ariella and Nick (Max McGrow Wildlife Center)

Bailey and Matt (Stein Farms)

Carissa and Estefan (Shores)

Caroline and Daniel (Glen Flora)

Cassidy and Michael (Glen Club)

Cesiah and Luke

Christina and Ben E.E.

Christina and Tim (Lincoln Park Zoo)

Donna and Vince (Astoria)

Emily and Eric

Emily and Gene

Emily and Gene

Emily and Victor (Shores)

Erin and Adam (Starline)

Frances and James (The Center of Palos Park)

Gianna and Evan

Gina and Nick (Providence Vineyard)

Gina and Nick (Providence Vineyard)

Jaclyn (Jackie) and Antoine (AJ) E.E.

Jaclyn and Fernando

Jaclyn and Fernando

Jacqueline and Steve (Shores)

Janet and James

Jessica and Trisdon (Shores)

Jessica and Trisdon (Shores)

Katie and Will E.E.

Kayla and Anthony (Shores)

Kim and John E.E.

Kirstin and Dirk (Shores)

Kristy and Dave

Leah and Stephen (Shores)

Lindsey and Erik (Shores)

Maddie and Jake (Blue Harbor Resort)

Madeline and Erik

Megan and Kris

Melissa and Justin (Shores)

Michelle and Allen

Michelle and Brian

Monica and Adam

Monica and Adam

Nikki and Matt

Octavia and Zack (Independence Grove)

Paulina and Zack E.E.

Sara and Michael (Shores)

Tabitha and Edgar

Talia and Drew

Tammy Savage and Kevin May (Halverson House)

Tatiana and Ryan

Taylor and Tim (E.E.)

Terry and Juan (Independence Grove)

Valerie and Jim